INFINITI Qs Inspiration Concept

Qs Inspiration concept

Our next step toward an electrified future completely reimagines the sports sedan.

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QX Inspiration Concept

QX Inspiration Concept

Heralding a new era for INFINITI – our first fully-electric concept car that could redefine the electric crossover vehicle.

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INFINITI Q Inspiration Sedan

Q Inspiration Concept

The future of driving is in your hands. Engineered for the future, and designed for the best part of the drive.

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INFINITI QX Sport Inspiration

QX Sport Inspiration

Challenging the status quo, the QX Sport Inspiration masterfully evolves INFINITI’s design language. A statement of intent, establishing INFINITI’s new and farsighted direction for mid-size SUVs.

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INFINITI Prototype 10 Concept Car On A Runway

Introducing Prototype 10

The spirit of a speedster with the power of electrification.

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